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Lucky Horseshoe Ranch - 10 acres - Presidio County, Texas
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Location: san jose, california
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Ten (10) 

10 Acres

 West Texas Ranch Land

Near County Seat of Marfa



We offer for sale this beautiful 10 acre ranch, part of the exclusive


located in fast growing and desirable

 Presidio County.

This land is identified in the following map:




                                                                                  For sale is the ten acre parcel located in the 
quadrant with dirt road access. 

          The land is located about six miles west of SR 67, and, just a short drive (about forty minutes) from

the County Seat of Marfa.

The following are photos of downtown Marfa, including its beautiful Courthouse:

We are offering a very nice ranch site for you and your family. This is a  property which offers you

 privacy, yet is so very close to all the amenities of downtown and all downtown has to offer (including

shopping, banking, retail outlets, dining, and entertainment.)

Purchasing land is a secure way to invest your hard earned money,

to raise your family, to enjoy life.  A ranch in a Western Texas County where family is important, a

handshake means something and your neighbor is part of your family.


Lucky Horseshoe Ranch

Hometown USA



  Protect your families' wealth from a declining dollar by

purchasing everlasting land.


Hunt, run cattle, ride horses, build a ranch, enjoy the great outdoors.

Texas land values are on the rise.

Want the property and wish to make an offer? 

Please e-mail us and make any reasonable offer.

This is a cash sale, title is clear, there are no back taxes, no POA dues. 

Annual taxes are estimated to be $43. 


This ranch is located in beautiful Presidio County in West Texas. Located between Intersate-10 and US-62, this property is close to major continental transportation routes. The El Paso Metropolitan Area, which is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, is located approximately 65 miles to the West. With ideal location, land in this region is regularly being reevaluated for a variety of economic uses from traditional ranching and homesteading to innovative new energy technologies (like the huge wind powered projects at Delaware Mountain ) even civilian space tourism). This diverse region boasts a low cost of living, beautiful weather, and excellent recreational activities. Buying a piece of the historic Lucky Horseshoe Ranch a great opportunity to own affordable land in one of the most desirable Texas locations. It’s the perfect place to build a home or use right away with a RV or camper. 

Presidio County is triangular in shape and is bounded on the east by Brewster County, on the north by Jeff Davis County, and on the south and west for 135 miles (217 km) by the Rio Grande and Mexico. Marfa, the county seat, is 190 miles (306 km) southeast of El Paso and 150 miles (241 km) southwest of Odessa. The center of the county lies at 30°30' north latitude and 104°15' west longitude. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 3,856 square miles (9,988 km²).

Geographically, Presidio County comprises 3,857 square miles (9,990 km2) of contrasting topography, geology and vegetation. In the North and West, clay and sandy loams cover the rolling plains known as the Marfa Plateau and the Highland Country, providing good ranges of grama grasses for the widely acclaimed Highland Herefords. In the central, far western, and southeastern areas of the county, some of the highest mountain ranges in Texas are found. These peaks are formed of volcanic rock and covered with loose surface rubble. They support desert shrubs and cacti and dominate a landscape of rugged canyons and numerous springs. The spring-fed Capote Falls, with a drop of 175 feet (53 m), the highest in Texas, is located in western Presidio County. In the southern and western parts of the county, the volcanic cliffs of the Candelaria Rimrock (also called the Sierra Vieja) rise perpendicular and run parallel to the river, separating the highland prairies from the desert floor hundreds of feet below them. The gravel pediment, which allows only the growth of desert shrubs and cacti, extends from the Rimrock to the flood plain of the river. Along the river, irrigation allows the farming of vegetables, grains, and cottons. There are no permanent streams in the county, although many dry arroyos become raging torrents during heavy rainfalls. Major ones are Alamito Creek, Cibolo Creek, Capote Creek and Pinto Canyon. San Esteban Dam was built across Alamito Creek and on the site of a historic spring-fed tinaja in 1911 as an irrigation and land promotion project. The prairies, mountains, desert and river give Presidio County an unusual beauty. Altitudes in the county vary from 2,518 to 7,728 feet (767 to 2,355 m) above sea level. Temperatures, moderated by the mountains, vary from 33 °F (1 °C) in January to 100 °F (38 °C) in July. Average rainfall is only 12 inches (300 mm) per year, but it comes mainly in June, July, and August. The growing season extends for 238 days. Natural resources under production in 1982 were perlite, crushed rhyolite, sand, and gravel. Silver mining contributed greatly to the economy of the county from the 1880s to the 1940s.

As of the census[2] of 2000, there were 7,304 people, 2,530 households, and 1,864 families residing in the county. There were 3,299 housing units at an average density of 1 per square mile (0/km²). The racial makeup of the county was 84.95% White, 0.27% Black or African American, 0.27% Native American, 0.08% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 13.47% from other races, and 0.93% from two or more races. 84.36% of the population was Hispanic or Latino of any race.

There were 2,530 households out of which 40.40% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 56.50% were married couples living together, 13.60% had a female householder with no husband present, and 26.30% were non-families. 24.20% of all households were made up of individuals and 13.20% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.85 and the average family size was 3.43.

In the county, the population was spread out with 32.70% under the age of 18, 8.30% from 18 to 24, 24.90% from 25 to 44, 20.20% from 45 to 64, and 13.90% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 33 years. For every 100 females there were 94.30 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 92.00 males.

Paleo-Indians Hunter-gatherers existed thousands of years ago on the Trans-Pecos, and often did not adapt to culture clashes, European diseases and colonization. The Masames tribe was exterminated by the Tobosos, circa 1652.[3] The Nonojes suffered from clashes with the Spanish and merged with the Tobosos. The Spanish made slave raids to the La Junta de los Ríos, committing cruelties against the native population.[4] The Suma-Jumano tribe sought to align themselves with the Spanish for survival. The tribe later merged with the Apache people. Foraging peoples who did not survive the 18th Century include the Chisos, Mansos, Jumanos, Conchos, Julimes, Cibolos, Tobosos, Sumas, Cholomes, Caguates, Nonojes, Cocoyames, and Acoclames.[5]

County established and growth

Presidio County was established from Bexar County on January 3, 1850. Fort Leaton became the county seat. The county was organized in 1875 as the largest county in the United States, with 12,000 square miles (31,000 km2). Fort Davis was named the county seat. The boundaries and seat of Presidio County were changed in the 1880s. Marfa was established in 1883, and the county seat was moved there from Fort Davis in 1885.[16]

In 1854 the army built Fort Davis in northern Presidio County.[17] Fort Davis closed during the Civil War and reopened in 1867. The black population increased to 489 when Buffalo Soldiers were stationed at Fort Davis.[18][19]

John W. Spencer, a local rancher and trader, found a silver deposit in the Chinati Mountains in 1880 that resulted in the opening of Presidio Mine and the beginning of the company town of Shafter.[20] From 1883 until 1942 the mine produced over 32.6 million ounces of silver.[21]

The railroad reached Presidio County in 1882 when the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway laid tracks through its northeastern corner.[22]

W. F. Mitchell built the first barbed wire fence in the county at Antelope Springs in 1888. The widespread use of barbed wire resulted in the refinement of cattle breeds, improvement of ranges, and innovative use of water supplies.[22]

Windmills, water wells, and earthen tanks were introduced on Presidio County ranches in the late 1880s.[23]

Elephant Butte Dam was built in 1910 on the Rio Grande, creating a large reliable irrigation source for the county.[24][25]

The growth of Presidio County's population in the 1910s reflected the impact of the Mexican Revolution on border life. Refugees migrated to the county from Chihuahua as the fighting moved into northern Mexico. The United States Army established several posts in the county. Marfa became the headquarters for the Big Bend Military District, and in 1917 the Army established Camp Marfa, later called Fort D. A. Russell, at Marfa to protect the border.[26] As Presidio County entered the 1930s the people faced a drought and a population decline. Low silver prices closed Presidio Mine at Shafter. Economic recovery began by 1936. During World War II, Presidio County enjoyed economic prosperity as the home for two military installations - Fort Russell and Marfa Army Airfield.[27][28]

The economy of the county in 1982 was based primarily on agriculture with 83 percent of the land in farms and ranches.[22]

Marfa Lights

Wagon trains on the Chihuahua Trail reported seeing unexplained lights in the mid 19th Century.[29][30][31] The first recorded incident of the Marfa Lights was in 1883 when Robert Reed Ellison and cowhands camped at Mitchell Flats.[32][33] They thought the lights might have been Apaches, but later found no evidence of an Apache encampment. Since that time, the lights continue to appear between Marfa and Paisano Pass. Speculation and fascination spark imaginations about the source. Some say they are caused by car headlights, some say extraterrestrial visitors. One theory is that the lights are similar to a mirage caused by atmospheric conditions. No one really knows for sure. Marfa celebrates with a Mystery Lights Festival every Labor Day.[34]

Texas Growth

 Lucky Horseshoe Ranch is near major interstates like I-10 and close to scenic areas like the Rio Grande River and The Guadalupe Mountains National Park. With cities like Van Horn to the South, Pecos to the East, and El Paso directly West, this property is provides escape from the chaos and gridlock while still being within close proximity to all the amenities of the big cities.



Photo of nearby Guadalupe Mountains National Park


Please click on the links provided for more information on nearby areas:


Van Horn, TX


Pecos, TX


El Paso, TX


Guadalupe Mountains National Park




Land in West Texas is a smart investment for short or long term investors. Property values in rural West Texas are on the rise. With a low cost of living, natural amenities, and beautiful scenery, land in West Texas is becoming a popular asset. Beautiful weather, great entertainment and recreational activities, owning land in Texas can be considered a smart investment, not just now, but for years to come!



If you are interested in multiple parcels to expand your ranch, or invest in your future, please contact directly at  to discuss similar properties which may become available.


Legal Description: Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SE/4 SW/4) out of Section 144, Block 1, D@P RR Co Survey, Presidio County, Texas.


Exact Parcel: Ten (10) acre  NE/4 SE/4 SW/4 Sec 144, Blk 1 D@P RR Survey (located in UPPER RIGHT quarter of attached map.)

G.P.S. Coordinates for corners of parcel:   As provided on the enclosure map, please see description on the ten acres on the northwest corner of this parcel map. 


Zoning: Residential. No time limit to build


Roads: Lucky Horseshoe Ranch has all dirt roads and no parcel is landlocked. The property is within six miles to the west of highway 67.  Once on SR 67, approximately forty miles north will be downtown Marfa. 


Power: Solar or Generator


Water: Well or Storage


Sewer: Septic


Association Fees: No


Taxes: Estimate to be less than $43 US per year and are PAID CURRENT


Deed Type: Warranty Deed





plus $399.00 documentation fee represents the full purchase price. Must be paid in full



Terms of Sale: (Following are the steps required to complete this transaction)


 make full payment + $399 documentation fee) We accept guaranteed funds, cashier checks, money orders, and bank wire transfer.   we can no longer accept PayPal for the payment of real property. 


2. NAME ON DEED. Once the property is paid in full, we will prepare a warranty deed to officially transfer ownership of the property purchased to you. This is information you will need to provide to us for the recording of the deed:


City, Postal Code

If you would like to make any changes to how you would like the deed to read.
For instance if you would like to have the deed in a corporation's name, a
family member or friend. It is completely up to you who you want to be on
the deed. Please confirm with us how you would like the deed to read via

We will mail and/or email to you a copy of the warranty deed we send in to be
recorded. The original will be mailed to be recorded at the Presidio County
Texas Clerk's office. The county will send you the original stamped and recorded
deed usually within four (4) to six (6) weeks.   


Disclaimer: All information contained here is to the best of our knowledge. The seller offers these assets for sale in "AS IS" CONDITION at the time of sale. are required to perform all due diligence

Thanks for your interest in this property.


Please note that we purchase properties specifically for resale. In some cases we have not made a site visit. Nearly all of the information we know about our properties are included in the listings. The photos shown in this listing are of the area in general and man not be specific to the property.  They are used for illustration purposes only, to show the land and area in general.  The majority of the research we complete on our properties

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